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Nippon Sheet Glass Foundation for Materials Science and Engineering invites the researchers to apply our Overseas Research Grant this year !
1. Scope
  As a general principle, any research project on Science and Technology of Inorganic Materials is covered. Fundamental and application researches on amorphous and crystalline solid materials having a potential to be applied to photonics, electronics, high temperature, structure, etc. are typical subjects for the research grant.
2. Amount of Grants
  An amount of US$2,000〜6,000 is provided for one research project with the term of 12 to 24 months (from January, 2016 through December, 2016 -- December, 2017).
3. Applications
  Each applicant is requested to describe the proposal in English using “Application for Research Grant” Form, and submit it to NSG Foundation until October 31st, 2016. It is also requested to append a recommendation letter signed by Chancellor ( or Deputy Chancellor in charge of academy affairs ), a copy of curriculum vitae of the researcher and reprints of representative research papers published so far.
NSG Foundation only accepts Word file of Application Form, PDF files of the recommendation letter and the CV sent by e-mail. Please pay attention that the maximum size of our e-mail system is 5MB. Either PDF files or hardcopies are accepted for the reprints of the papers. Application number will be sent to applicant within three working days as confirmation of the acceptance.
4. Selection and Presentation
  Evaluation Committee Meeting of NSG Foundation is to be held in December, 2016 in Tokyo to select the research grant items. Based on the selection by Evaluation Committee, NSG Foundation will decide the research grant items to be granted after the meeting. The research grant fund will be presented until January, 2017, so that the granted research will be able to start early in 2017.
Note that the researchers who received this research grant after 2014 are ineligible to apply for the overseas research grant this year.
  NSG Foundation accepts the application only from the designated universities and institutes in Malaysia, Vietnam, and Brazil.
  For further information, please contact with;
   Kenjiro Hamanaka, Secretary General
 Nippon Sheet Glass Foundation for Materials Science and Engineering
 e-mail: kenjiro.hamanaka@nsg-zaidan.or.jp
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